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WTF Uzbekistan Taekwondo Congratulations on Teacher’s Day!

By 22.02.2020No Comments

Today is October 1 – Teacher’s Day! We hurry to congratulate those who have taught us that day, have taught us how to navigate the paths of life, and are still doing this honor with honor. Of course, each of us needs teachers and mentors, no matter where we work. First we teach teachers in preschool, then in schools, respectively. And our parents are our lifelong companions in this regard. Their advice is a separate topic. Upbringing children and paying special attention to the education of the younger generation as harmoniously developed personalities are among the noble qualities of our people. The sincere respect for the teachers and mentors is also reflected in the noble tradition of saying that our people are as great as your father. This holiday is, first of all, a tribute to our teachers and mentors, who are dedicated to their knowledge and experience, talents and skills, human qualities, eyes and hearts, and who continue to work for the sake of enlightenment. is a clear example of respect.

Taking this opportunity, the Association of Taekwondo WTF of Uzbekistan congratulates our teachers and mentors on this holiday!