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Jasurbek Jaysunov won a gold medal at the Presidentʼs CUP rating competition in the USA

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President-CUP international rating tournament for the G-2 series kicks off in Las Vegas, USA. As it was informed earlier, more than 1500 athletes from about 70 countries of the world are taking part in the competitions. Uzbek athletes are also competing for prizes.

On the first day of the competitions, our compatriot Jasurbek Jaysunov started the competition. During the competition, he defeated two US athletes, representatives of Mexico and Canada and reached the final. In the decisive battle he defeated another host athlete and won a gold medal.

Recall that in this tournament our taekwondo athletes will earn points for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

During the competition, Secretary General of the WTF Taekwondo Association of Uzbekistan Abduazim Isroilov met with President of the Panama American Taekwondo Federation Ji Ho Choi and Secretary General of the organization Rick Shinin. At the end of the meeting, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan and the Taekwondo Association of Uzbekistan presented an Uzbek shepherd to them.